*Please note all information provided is from the Government of Alberta Covid-19 website. We ask that you check both it and Alberta Health Services for the most up to date information at the following links:



As per Special Council Meeting held on November 17, 2020, Town of Valleyview council “recommends that individuals and businesses use their discretion with the use of masks and to follow Alberta Health Service guidelines.”

What this means: Town of Valleyview Council support any business that exercise the power to make wearing masks mandatory within their business and or voluntary with their premises.

In addition, Town of Valleyview Council and Administration encourages residents and business owners to use the following website for the latest public health measures and information:

Link: https://www.alberta.ca/enhanced-public-health-measures.aspx

Thank you.

New measures at a glance

Unless otherwise stated, the following mandatory restrictions come into effect Nov. 24 and will be in place for at least three weeks.

Read Order 38-2020Order 39-2020 and Order 40-2020.
1. See list of communities under enhanced status (purple areas).
2. See list of affected communities in the Calgary metro area and the Edmonton metro area.
MEASURES All Alberta Enhanced (purple) Areas1 Calgary Area2 Edmonton Area2
No indoor social gatherings in any setting: Yes Yes Yes Yes
Outdoor gatherings max of 10: Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wedding and funeral services max of 10, no receptions permitted: Yes Yes Yes Yes
No festivals or events: Yes Yes Yes Yes
Grades 7-12 at-home learning Nov 30-Jan 11: Yes Yes Yes Yes
ECS-Grade 6 at-home learning after break until Jan 11: Yes Yes Yes Yes
Working from home should be considered, where possible: Yes Yes Yes Yes
Places of worship at 1/3 normal attendance with mandatory masking: No Yes Yes Yes
Restricted access to some businesses starting Nov. 27: No Yes Yes Yes
Mandatory masks for indoor workplaces: No No Yes Yes



The health and safety of Albertans remains our top priority as Alberta moves through our relaunch strategy. This includes measures to control the spread of COVID-19 and respond to potential outbreaks.

The COVID-19 status map shows the level of risk in regions and information about local health measures. It also shows the rate of COVID-19 cases and the number of active cases.

Regions are defined by municipal boundaries. Each region is either:

  • a municipality of 10,000 or greater population: a city, town or municipal district (or county)
  • communities smaller than 10,000 are included in the surrounding municipal district. Communities include First Nations reserves, Metis Settlements and towns.

Regions are designated as open, watch or enhanced relaunch status. All regions must continue to follow Alberta’s public health measures and guidelines, regardless of relaunch status.


  • low level of risk, no additional restrictions in place
  • less than 50 active cases per 100,000


  • the province is monitoring the risk and discussing with local government(s) and other community leaders the possible need for additional health measures
  • at least 10 active cases and more than 50 active cases per 100,000


  • risk levels require enhanced public health measures to control the spread
  • informed by local context

The Municipal District of Greenview #16, including Valleyview and all other municipalities within the MD’s boundaries, are now on ENHANCED STATUS on the Provincial Relaunch Map. There is now 17 active cases, for a case rate of 112.9 per 100,000 people.



Municipal District Of Greenview No. 16
Rate of active cases per 100k: 212.5
Active cases: 32
Population: 15,058




Municipality: MD of Greenview #16:
Current status as of this posting
88 cases – 32 active, 55 recovered, 1 death(s).







Local Geographic Area: Valleyview (Ne Greenview MD):
Current status as of this posting
52 cases – 15 active, 36 recovered, 1 death(s).