Working on Well-being Valleyview (WOW), in association with the Town of Valleyview is conducting the second consecutive well-being and happiness survey for 2018 as part of our efforts to understand what makes life worthwhile for you and your family in Valleyview.

WOW’s mandate is to be a voice for well-being in the community and provide guidance to the Mayor, Town Council and administration in terms of improving well-being conditions over time.

What do you love about Valleyview? What would you like to see improved in terms of your quality of life? How satisfied are you with your life, work, your household finances, recreation and your relationships?

We would appreciate you, your family or your household taking a few minutes (12-15 minutes) to complete our confidential survey. All questions use a response scale from 0-10, with 10 being the best possible feeling or opinion.

Your input will be held in confidence; everyone’s input will be aggregated ensuring your anonymity.

Your answers will provide WOW, Town Council and Administration with your thoughts about improving well-being and quality of life in Valleyview.

Our project leads for this initiative are Edmonton based well-being economist Mark Anielski ( and municipal government consultant Ian McCormack (

If you have any questions about the survey, please contact Mark Anielski (

Thanks for your time and have fun!