Crime mapping is an innovative tool by which the Alberta RCMP is tackling the few offenders who commit the most crimes.

This project allows the RCMP to continue increasing inter-agency communication and sharing criminal intelligence with its partners. It also encourages Albertans to participate in crime prevention strategies, such as reporting suspicious persons or activity, in an effort to be the extra set of eyes and ears for police in their communities. Initiatives such as this one go a long way in creating safe and resilient communities for all Albertans.

To view the full version of this map please click on the link: RCMP Crime Map

Information about the Map:

* Only certain crime types will be presented on the map:

  • Theft from Motor Vehicle
  • Theft of Motor Vehicle
  • Theft over/under $5000
  • Break & Enter
  • Mischief
  • and Missing Persons

Other information:

  • Emergency Situation Flag – Flags would only be used in emergency situations and for very short periods.
  • Plotted addresses will not be exact but rather a nearby intersection or street.
  • Entries are templated – only certain information can be entered (i.e. File Number and Date)
  • The templates are in English and French.
  • Entries will automatically be removed after 14 days.

For more information: