The Town of Valleyview utility services include Gas, Water, Sewer, Garbage and Recycling.

If you are moving into a new home or rental you will need to set up a new utility account in advance of move in date. Please come into the Town Administration Office for any new accounts or changes. The Office will require your name, phone numbers, addresses, move in date, and whether or not you own or rent. Utility accounts can only be registered in the property owners name; in case of rentals, the property owner may require a utility deposit, wherein the utilities can be registered in the name of the renter.

Moving out? Please inform the Town Administration Office in advance when you are moving out of your residence so that staff can appropriately bill you for the month. A forwarding address will be needed so that we can send your final bill, or cheque if your deposit is larger than your final charges.

Utility Fee Schedule


  • The rate for Gas usage is variable and changes monthly.
  • The fixed rate for a Gas Riser is $18.45 + GST = $19.37.
  • The Delivery rate per GJ is $1.70.
  • Federal Carbon Tax charge.


  • The base rate for residential water is $25.00 for the first 2200 gallons (10 cubes).
  • The base rate for commercial water is $46.00 for the first 4400 gallons (20 cubes).
  • Any consumption over 2200 gallons for residential or 4400 gallons for commercial is charged $9.50/1000 gallons. (Residential & Commercial).

Bulk Water Purchases and Accounts:

  • Coin Dispenser: $1.00 for 200 Litres of water. $2.00 for 400 Litres of water.
  • Accounts: Bulk water rates are $10.00/Cube for Commercial & $5.00/Cube for Residential.
  • Account set up required. Please come into the Town Administration Office for details.


  • Minimum rate for Residential Sewer is $23.00.
  • Minimum rate for Commercial Sewer is $29.00.
  • Calculation for sewer billing in relation to water cost is 46% for Residential and Commercial.


  • Residential garbage pickup charge is $18.00/monthly. Garbage pickup for north of 50th Avenue is weekly on Tuesdays; south of 50th Avenue is weekly on Thursdays.

Commercial Bin Rentals:

  • 6 Yard Bin – $75.00/3 Yard Bin – $38.50/2 Yard Bin – $27.50.
  • Pick up Rates for 2 & 3 Yard Bins are $15.00/per dump. 6 Yard Bins are $30.00/per dump.


  • Residential Recycling charge is $7.00/monthly.
  • Commercial Recycling charge is $17.00/monthly.

Billing Procedures

Each month you will receive a bill outlining your monthly utility charges.

The Town Administration Office accepts cheques, cash, interac, bank, internet banking payments.

If there is an amount owing on your utility bill, your gas and water may be disconnected. There will be a $25.00 reconnection fee per service to have the services turned back on.

Utilities Consumer Advocate

The Office of the Utilities Consumer Advocate – Educate, Advocate and Mediate

Visit https://ucahelps.alberta.ca to compare electricity prices in your area, view historical utility rates, or get help resolving utility-related issues.

The UCA was established in October 2003 by the Provincial Government to educate, advocate and mediate for Alberta utility consumers.