As per Bylaw 93-09 Business License Bylaw:

“No person shall within the Town: (a) carry on or operate any of the businesses, callings, trades or occupations referred to in this By-law; or (b) carry on any undertaking, do any act, or use or have any article for which a license is required;  unless he holds a valid license from the Town of Valleyview obtained in accordance with the provision of the Bylaw.”

Business Licenses are to be renewed annually, expiring on December 31st of the year issued. The license fee is $75.00 per year. Out-of-town license fee is $250.00.

Please click the following to access Bylaw 93-09.
Business License Bylaw 93-09

Please click the following to access the Town of Valleyview Business License Application Form. Please note this form cannot be submitted online.
Business License Application Form