To All Customers: Residential, Commercial, and Industrial:

The Town of Valleyview has imposed a water restriction, effective immediately. This restriction applies to all residential, commercial, and industrial customers.

As a precautionary measure and to ensure adequate supply of water in the event it is required for local firefighting efforts, and due to the prolonged hot and dry conditions within the municipality, all non-essential water use must be reduced.

This includes:

  • No watering lawns, gardens, or trees
  • No washing vehicles, driveways, sidewalks, house exteriors
  • No filling pools, fountains, ponds
  • No use of water not used for human or pet consumption

As per Town of Valleyview Utilities Policy – Water Conservation #03-09, in the event of a water conservation emergency, the Town may implement such measures as deemed necessary for the duration of the emergency.

This water restriction will remain in effect until further notice and will be enforced by Town of Valleyview Municipal Enforcement.