Draft Land Use Bylaw

The Town of Valleyview is reviewing and updating its Land Use Bylaw (LUB). By establishing zoning districts, the LUB regulates the type of activity that can occur on a specific piece of property. The LUB aslo establishes the regulations that govern construction and development on a property, such as building setbacks, maximum building height and lot coverage.

The Municipal Government Act requires that all municipalities in Alberta adopt a Land Use Bylaw to regulate land use and development within their jurisdiction. The Town’s current LUB was adopted in 2016 and has been amended numerous times since.

Reasons for the current review include:

  • Ensuring that the LUB meets the new requirements of the Municipal Government Act (Bill 48),
  • Reorganization and reformatting to make the LUB easier to read and understand,
  • Need to better reflect current building practices and emerging technologies,
  • Consolidate previous amendments.

See a draft version of the Land Use Bylaw here

Formal public engagement opportunities will be scheduled later this fall. Please watch this page and the Town’s social media feed for updates.

Questions and comments can be sent to the Planning & Development Department at aalmond@valleyview.ca or by calling 780-524-5150.