Recently, the Town of Valleyview reached out to local business and industry leaders, stakeholders, and citizens at large requesting capital funding contributions toward improvements to the infrastructure at the Valleyview Airport. We are also in the process of applying for a Community Airport Grant through the Government of Alberta’s Strategic Transportation Infrastructure Program (STIP). For more background information on this initiative, please refer to

The total cost for this project – which includes a complete overlay of the runway, taxiway, and apron, as well as lighting upgrades, has now been estimated at $2,395,335.00.

These improvements, while costly, are crucial to the Town of Valleyview and surrounding communities, as the airport is the primary hub for medivac services for our community. After inspections and assessments of the runway surface area it was determined the current condition of the infrastructure is nearing the end of its service life and may pose potential risk to pilots, passengers and patients, and aircraft.

Due to the critical nature of this project, the Town is actively exploring all avenues to raise funds to cover a portion of these projected costs.

Because it’s important to the Town that we recognize all donors and patrons of the airport, we have established donation levels, as follows:

Copper….. Donations up to $4,999
Bronze ….. Donations $5,000 and above
Silver…….. Donations of $10,000 and above
Gold………. Donations of $15,000 and above
Platinum… Donations of $25,000 and above

As a sign of gratitude, all cash and in-kind support will be recognized on a commemorative plaque at the Valleyview Airport and permanently acknowledged on a page dedicated to the Valleyview Airport on the Town of Valleyview website.

If you wish to support this cause and invest in the community, the Town of Valleyview kindly requests a response by way of a commitment letter, including the amount that can be contributed, by November 16, 2021, to: Town of Valleyview, Airport Rehabilitation, Box 270, Valleyview, AB  T0H 3N0. Additionally, if you have specific comments regarding support for the project – or opposed to the project – you may also direct this input to the previously noted address.

Thank you for your time and consideration.