The Town of Valleyview has commenced its 2023 sewer line flushing within the municipality and will continue as time and weather permit.

Periodic flushing is undertaken to prevent the build-up of sediment which may result in blockages, odour generation, and premature wear of mechanical components. The work will not affect most homeowners or cause any disruption to service, although there is a possibility that small spills, noise, and odours may result in some homes. Please try to keep your toilets flushed and their lids closed during this time. There is potential that the high-pressure flushing could impact the standing water in households. If you smell a sewer odour, it can be eliminated by flushing your toilets and running water in all your floor drains/p-traps.

We thank you for your co-operation and apologize for any inconvenience.

For further information please call the Utilities Department, (780) 524-5156.