June 22, 2020



Within the last few months, the Town of Valleyview has received an increased number of complaints of dog(s) running at large and in some cases, acting aggressive towards people.  Due to this, the Town of Valleyview is taking a serious stance on owner(s) allowing their dog(s) running at large.

Please accept this as notice that the Town of Valleyview will be trapping and tranquilizing dog(s) running at large. In addition, fines may be issued starting at $150.00 per charge and up to $250.00 per charge for aggressive dog(s).

As per Bylaw # 2017-02 Animal Control, fineable offences include:

2.1       Failure to register dog(s);

3.1       An owner of a dog(s) which is at large is guilty of an offence;

3.2       An owner who does not keep his or her dog(s) on a permitted leash;

3.6       An aggressive dog(s) who threatens, harasses, barks at, chases in an aggressive way towards a person, animal and or other dog(s) while off the owner’s property;

3.7       A dog(s) defecates on property which is not the owner’s property;

6.1       An Animal Control Officer is authorized to capture and impound any dog(s) which is at large.  The Animal Control Officer is further authorized to enter upon any private or public property
and take such reasonable measures as necessary to subdue any dog(s) which is at large, including the use of tranquilizer equipment and materials. If any such dog(s) is injured, it may be
taken to a Registered Veterinarian for treatment.

Please note that Dog License/Registration is due yearly. Registration starts January of each year and is half price for the month of January.

Thank you.

Daniel Cress
Community Peace Officer
ph: 780-524-5150/ cell: 780-552-3374

Notice to Dog Owners