Lighting Upgrades at Polar Palace Arena & Red Willow Curling Club

(Valleyview, Alberta – January 25th, 2021) The Town of Valleyview upgraded 100 per cent of the Polar Palace Arena and Red Willow Curling Club lights with new LED lighting, which will reduce energy consumption, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as well as reduce the overall costs to operate this facilities. Mayor Vern Lymburner commented, “With this upgrade we not only reduce our environmental impact, but we also reduce energy use and cost. With lower costs we are able to keep the user fees lower which will help make the groups that utilize this facility more viable”.

“Polar Place Arena and Red Willow Curling Club lighting upgrades help the community reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce operating cost. Arenas are the heart of communities, when savings are passed down to users they help bring the community together.” Says Trina Innes, Executive Director of the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre.

The Town of Valleyview accessed funding for this project from the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre’s Recreation Energy Conservation Program.