The Town of Valleyview is currently looking for residents who are interested in becoming involved as a member at large on:

Subdivision and Development Appeal Board

 Subdivision and Development Appeal Boards (SDABs) are established by municipal councils under Part 17 of the Municipal Government Act
(the “MGA”) to hear appeals from decisions made by the municipality’s subdivision and development authority. SDAB decisions shape a community
and affect the lives of residents, neighbours, businesses and developers. By hearing appeals and making decisions a SDAB fulfills a vital function in
achieving the goal of orderly, beneficial and economic development and use of land set out in the MGA. SDABs are intended to provide an
independent, fair, transparent and principled decision-making process for appeals of planning and development decisions. A SDAB enhances local
and regional land use, planning and development by providing this opportunity for an independent review of these decisions.*

We are requiring to fill three (3) vacant member at large positions.

Please submit a letter of interest to the Town Office by Friday, January 15, 2021.

*Description taken from the Subdivision and Appeal Board Training Guidebook (7th Edition) published by Alberta Municipal Affairs, June 2018.

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