The Town of Valleyview wishes to extend our deepest gratitude to the individuals and organizations who have pledged generous donations toward the Valleyview Airport Rehabilitation Project.

To date, four individuals and organizations have provided letters of intent to donate a total of $17,500.00 toward this project.

The Town of Valleyview, on behalf of all area residents, extends a heartfelt thank you for your kindness and generosity… your willingness to contribute is a remarkable testament to your community commitment. As the primary hub for lifesaving medivac services, the Valleyview Airport is sometimes the only lifeline for our families, our friends, and our neighbours. When you heeded our call for help, you didn’t just invest in the airport… you invested in your community and in the well-being of the people who call this home.

With deepest gratitude, thank you.

The improvements to the airfield are contingent on the award of the Strategic Transportation Infrastructure Program (STIP) grant. If successful, the Town will proceed with the project and will recognize publicly – unless they wish to remain anonymous – all individuals and organizations who donated to the Valleyview Airport Rehabilitation Project.

Background Information:

The Valleyview Airport represents critical infrastructure to the Town of Valleyview and surrounding communities. Inspections and evaluations of the runway surface area determined the runway has reached the end of its service life, and the necessary improvement costs have been estimated at nearly $2.4 million. The Town is currently in the process of applying for a grant through the Government of Alberta’s Strategic Transportation Infrastructure Program (STIP), but municipalities with other funding sources such as private sector and individual contributions are scored higher than those with municipal funding only. To read more on this project, please see: and

If any readers wish to donate to the Valleyview Airport Rehabilitation Project, copies of a Donation Commitment Letter are available at the reception desk at the Town Administration office located at 4909 50 Street, Valleyview, or you may download a copy of the Donation Commitment Letter here.

Thank you for your consideration.