The Planning and Development Department is responsible for overall land use planning and development activity in the Town of Valleyview. To do this we have established Vision, Values, and Principles as set forth in our Municipal Development Guide to assist in creating a community with sustainable, social, environmental and economic value now and in the future.

The goals of the Planning and Development Department are set out through the Municipal Development Plan, Land Use Bylaw, Policies and Procedures, Inter-Municipal Development Plan and the Valleyview Development Guidelines. These documents are provided in the links below and contain a wealth of information.

Before beginning any project please contact the Town Administration Office. The majority of development, construction and renovation projects are regulated by the Town of Valleyview and may require permits and inspections. The Land Use Bylaw is an important first step as it contains Zoning Regulations and General Regulations. As stated in the bylaw, with exceptions, “no person shall undertake any development in the Town unless a development permit has first been issued pursuant to this Bylaw, and the development is in accordance with the terms and conditions of a development permit issued pursuant to the Bylaw.”

As well, be sure to look at our Building and Safety Permits page. As with development applications, most construction and renovation projects will require permits and inspections. More information as well as safety permit application forms are located there.

If you have any questions please contact Trevor Ilg, Development Officer.

LUB District Map Aug 18.2020


Building a new home? A garage? Putting up a fence? Maybe you’re a business putting up a new sign? The Town of Valleyview Land Use Bylaw includes Zoning Regulations, Landscaping, Sign, Parking Regulations and more. This document will give you the information needed as to the when, how and why a Development Permit is required.

Please note Bylaw Amendments below are updated and current within the Land Use Bylaw; also the District map is updated as of August 18, 2020.



The purpose of the Town of Valleyview Municipal Development Plan (MDP) is to provide a planning framework for the future growth and development of the municipality that will assist in realizing the community’s long-range vision.

The Valleyview Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP) promotes cooperation and communication between the Town and the Municipal District of Greenview on planning matters in the Valleyview Area.

Please note the Town and MD of Greenview are cooperating on a new Intermunicipal Development Plan.

These guidelines have been developed by the Town of Valleyview to help landowners and business plan for development that supports the community’s vision of a small traditional town with beautiful, walkable grid network of streets and a modern, thriving business community that is an attractive destination for visitors and workers.

Check out the Towns “10 Big Moves to Make a Better Downtown” as well as “50th Avenue Streetscape and Public Realm Projects”.

The standards set forth are the minimum standards for any new subdivision, residential/commercial projects in terms of services, drainage, grading and more.


For a GIS (geographic information system) map view of Valleyview, which includes information such as civic and legal address, lot sizes and assessment values, please access Munisight at the following link.  Click on “Click HERE for Public Access” and choose Town of Valleyview.

Munisight GIS Map


The Town of Valleyview has a limited amount of residential lots for sale; located in the northeastern area of the town. The lots are priced at $35,000.00 plus GST. Paving is included (no Local Improvement Levy) and services are to the property line. Zoning for the area is Restricted Residential (R1) District. For more information please click the link below or contact the Town Administration Office.

Residential Lots For Sale